Point blank food processing business Point blank food processing business
Point blank food processing business Point blank food processing business
Many great food ideas never make it to the marketplace because entrepreneurs do not know what steps to take to accomplish this goal!
  If you're serious about wanting to start a food business, then you need to download my guide today!  


Every year there are about 15,000+ new food products developed. Only about 10 percent of them ever last more than a year. Even less return the investment made to introduce them to the marketplace. To increase the possibility of success for a food product you have developed or want to develop, consider some important factors.

Point blank food processing businessFirst, people are creatures of habit. They tend to eat what they know and are use to. The average retail food store in the United States has literally hundreds of food products and the competition is cut throat. You may have a great tasting food product, but how do you get someone to pick it up, try it and buy it?

It is a good start to have somewhat of a solid idea for starting a food processing business, but knowledge of the regulatory, production, marketing and financial aspects of starting such a business is an important part of the overall process. Point Blank™ a NO B.S. guide to starting a food processing business from home will cover these important elements so YOU can get up and running with minimum confusion.

It is nearly impossible to include everything there is to know about starting your food processing business. I am showing you from the point of view of what I went through to start and run my food process business. Understand this. I started my food business right smack dab in the middle of the economy crises.
My name is Tommy Venable and I am living proof to YOU, that it is possible to start a successful food business when times are rough. I was laid off back in October 2008 and started my food processing business in January 2009. Since then I have appeared on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Will be featured in Black Enterprise magazine coming January 2010 and the media list goes on.

  Point blank food processing businessWill I guarantee that you will make a fortune starting a food processing business? Look, unlike some guides that you'll find on the internet, promising fortune and fame if you follow this technique or follow this plan, this is NOT that type of guide. Your fortunes are dependent on YOU and how much you want to succeed in your food processing business. I am only here to guide and show you what I've done in order to succeed in my food processing business. It is up to YOU to take what you've learned from my guide and apply it to your food business.  


When wanting to start a food processing business, you should try to come up with a business plan or a plan of attack. I rather call it a plan of attack and it shoud include the following:

You've probably noticed that the above list for a plan of attack is blank. That's because it's in the Point Blank™ guide and I talk more in detail of what YOU need to do in order to start a home food business. With the Point Blank™ guide and the business plan that you write, will help you determine the feasibility of your food processing business. The valuable information you'll receive from the Point Blank™ guide can make it much easier to overcome various obstacles of starting a successful food processing business.
The two most important areas to be considered as you enter the food processing business are marketing and finance

Point blank food processing businessSo you're seriously thinking of wanting to start a food processing business because you have a passion for food and cooking. The one obstacle you may encounter is what food product you would want to make and sell. Well I have a solution for you to get you started. I've included a "mystery" recipe that you can use for your first food product to sell! You can name it, market it as your very own food product with NO credit back to me! Add a twist to the recipe by adding chocolate chips! Chocolate chips is good in pratically everything.

Why don't you get started today in realizing your dreams in owning a food business from home. My comprehensive guide, Point Blank™ a NO B.S. guide to starting a food processing business from home is only 20 pages. Why so short? Because I cut out all the B.S. of how to start a food processing business from home. You get thousands of dollars worth of knowledge and research For ONLY $9.97! Plus I'll throw in a Bonus recipe that you can use to get started! FREE!

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